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We raise champion pedigreed Lionheads and Mini Lops for show, brood or pets. Contact us for 4-H rabbit projects!

Depending on the season, we seem to always have goat babies or kits! Check our link below for our current  availability.

Our Nigerian Dwarfs are registered 
 AGS-ADGA-NDGA-ANDDA. We have a closed, disease free  organically raised herd.

Beating Swords into Plowshares...

We are located in beautiful rolling hills of Monrovia, MD. We are disabled veteran, LE purple heart recipient owned, family-run mini farm. We embrace self sustained living, organically raising a variety of animals and sharing our love of a simplistic lifestyle with like-minded individuals. We feel there is an important connection between the food we raise and in turn feed to our family. Organic is important for us individually and us as a society and you can rest assured that everything we produce is 100% organic. Thank you for visiting our site!

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American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association 

We use 100% organic feeds from 2nd day of life. We produce eggs from Ameraucana,  Brahma, Maran, and English Sussex.

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