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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association 

American Dairy
​Goat Association 

Our Herd

Our goats are registered with
 AGS-ADGA-NDGA-ANDDA. We have a closed herd and it has been tested for CAE/Bruc.

Kickstarter Campaign

Notalotta Acres is a Disabled Veteran and LE Purple Heart Recipient owned small business.

Our Flock

 Our goats are from champion bloodlines and come from the best milking lines, they go fast.

t ​We want to extend a special heartfelt THANK YOU to our phenomenal Kickstarter Backers. It is thanks to their enthusiastic belief in our project and to their precious contributions that the completion our farm has been made possible. This is a list of our preferred donors. Thanks again all of you!

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American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Association 

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